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If you have used Endnote before and have imported other Journal Term lists, you must delete these existing lists first using the following process in Endnote:

  • Tools > Open Term Lists > Journals Term Lists

  • Highlight all and click on Delete Term and Close

Then follow the instructions below, which are the same for those who are new to Endnote.

Instructions for importing the chemical term list:

First of all, it is important that you ensure you have the “Royal Society of Chemistry” style chosen in the drop down box on the toolbar in Endnote (see screen snip below), then, just click on:

  • Tools > Define Term Lists

  • Select Journals and click on Import List

  • Go to C:\Program Files (X86)\ X8\Terms Lists

  • Select Chemical and click on Open > OK > Close

You have now set up your EndNote to abbreviate journal titles when using the Royal Society of Chemistry referencing style.  It's set to use Abbreviation 1:

You might find that newer journal titles aren't on the list or don't have abbreviations, you can then add a 'New Term' (see top right of the above screen shot):

To find what the abbreviated journal title would be, use this online tool: 

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