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The Philip Robinson Library has 30 short-loan lockers on Level 2 which are available to customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Keys are issued until 11.59pm the next day and may be obtained from the Service Desk on Level 2 during staffed hours or from the Reception Desk when the Service Desk is closed.

  • Please return keys either to the Service Desk when it is staffed, or to the Reception desk at other times.
  • There is a £1 immediate late return charge, plus a further £1 per hour up to a maximum of £15.
  • There is a £20 charge for lost or stolen keys.
  • Unissued items may not be left in the lockers.
  • The library cannot accept responsibility for anything stored in lockers.

We also have Postgraduate lockers on levels 3 and 4 which are available for use by research postgraduates and final year taught course postgraduates. Application forms can be obtained from the Service Desk on Level 2.

The lockers are in high demand and are often fully subscribed by the end of the first semester.

Keys for lockers will be allocated on payment of a deposit of £20, refundable when the key is returned intact.

  • Unissued items and perishable goods must not be left in lockers. All such items found during our regular checks will be removed.
  • There is a considerable demand for lockers. Please let the staff on the Level 2 Service Desk know if you will be away from the University for any length of time, either on holiday or field work, or if you no longer require your locker.
  • The Library cannot accept responsibility for anything stored in lockers.
  • You may not share your locker or locker keys with other students. Lockers can be withdrawn at one week's notice if necessary.
  • Failure to observe these rules will result in the withdrawal of the locker key.


There are also 36 lockers at the Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms: details can be found here.


The Walton Library does not currently offer lockers.



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