Answered By: Karen Crinnion
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2023     Views: 222

Under current UK law, copyright material can be copied freely and without limit in certain circumstances:

  • Copyright on the work has expired
  • You own the copyright on the work
  • With explicit permission of the rights-holder

You may also make copies of limited amounts of individual works under 'fair dealing', or according to a specific licence agreement, such as the University's CLA Licence.  For staff and students of the university, this is currently 10%, 1 chapter or 1 article, whichever is greater and 5% for other library users.

Further detailed information can be found on the link to information on the Copyright Licensing Agency website (CLA) for Higher Education.

Newcastle University holds the CLA Comprehensive Licence, which allows us to copy from print and digital content published by CLA’s Participating Digital Material Publishers (see the current list of these publishers). It additionally enables institutions to download and store content, and to print out multiple paper copies, from this repertoire.

There's a link to our Copyright library guide on the link provided. for more information.