Answered By: Lorna Smith
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In order to create a hanging indent on the second line of each reference in your bibliography (i.e. in order to get your author names to stand out), you need to alter the Harvard at Newcastle style itself. This will be a local style to you that others won’t be able to see, it will only appear on your drop down style list. Please be assured that it won't insert an indent on the main body of your text, it will only apply to your bibliography and like any other style in EndNote, you can switch back to the non-indented Harvard at Newcastle style anytime if you change your mind.

To apply the indent, please do the following:

1. Open your EndNote library and make sure Harvard at Newcastle is selected the Output Styles under the Tools tab:

Screenshot of EndNote 20 and where to find Tools>output styles>Harvard at Newcastle

2. In your EndNote library, go to Tools> Output styles > Edit ‘Harvard at Newcastle.

3. Then under the Bibliography section click on Layout and where it says hanging indent on the right hand side, make sure you change it to ‘All paragraphs’ (this is easy to miss as it's in the bottom, far right hand side of the page. Please see the yellow highlighted sections below)

Image of Endnote highlighting the bibliography and layout options

4. Click on the small ‘x’ at the top right hand side of the screen and you’ll be asked if you want to save changes to this style. Select yes.

5. Then save the style as Harvard at Newcastle Indent

6. Once it has saved, go back to your EndNote library and go to Tools>Output Styles>Open Style Manager...

7. A dialog box will appear in middle of page - search for Harvard at Newcastle Indent - click on it and it will automatically add to your output styles in your EndNote Library

Screenshot of selecting Harvard at Newcastle Indent as an output style

8. Now selected Harvard at Newcastle indent as your output style in EndNote - as above.

9. Next go to your Word document and select Harvard at Newcastle indent from the top drop down box and your bibliography should change to include the indent. Make sure your instant formatting button is also turned on. (See yellow sections below.)

Image highlighting the instant formatting option in Endnote


You can modify the size of the indent by opening the 'Configure Bibliography' box (by clicking the small arrow in the bottom right corner of the Bibliography section of the EndNote toolbar in Word), then using the Layout tab.

Image highlighting the bibliography menu extension


Image of Endnote configure bibliography options