Answered By: Richard Longstaff
Last Updated: Jun 09, 2021     Views: 3

Access to online resources is limited to current staff and students.

Once we are able to welcome back community and alumni members, we do have a PC on site at both Walton and Phillip Robinson libraries for you to search any online resources that have wider access.  For the latest updates on memberships please see the 'News' webpage .

Below are some links to alternative resources that you may find useful whilst you are unable to visit the library.

'Researchgate' is a website where authors will frequently catalogue their publications. This can be a useful resource for individuals looking to review work online and connect with other authors and researchers. Listings will usually feature the option to message authors and request that they make papers privately available to individual researchers, such applicants are usually given the chance to state the context around their needs to aid authors in determining whether or not to accept the request. Some papers on researchgate are also listed with the download readily available, such as the following text: 'PVT Properties of Black Crude Oil'.

'JSTOR' allows free members to read a limited number of articles per month, and may have even expanded this access provision during the pandemic:


To support researchers during this challenging time in which many are unable to get to physical libraries, we have expanded our free read-online access to 100 articles per month.

Some websites specialise in particular fields or topics, and there are yet more whose focus is solely on Open Access research papers which are published with complimentary access in mind including: 'CORE''Elsevier Open Access''MUSE''SCIRP' and 'Directory of Open Access Journals'.

'Access to Research' provides walk in access to paid online research papers to customers of public libraries. Participating libraries can be found on the following page: 'Access to Research participating libraries'