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As an academic, there are 5 steps to creating your own reading list on Leganto for your students:

1. Access your reading list via the VLE.

2. Add resources from Library Search and other sources (e.g. Blackwell’s Book Shop).

3. Tag each item using the appropriate tag (i.e. essential, recommended or background reading), where:

  • Essential = very important to the course, all students will need to use this text.
  • Recommended = supplementary texts which students are encouraged to use.
  • Background = additional texts which are suggested for background subject area reading.

4. Send your list to the library for checking and stock orders.

5. Publish your list to ensure your students can access it.

Points to note:

Tagging each item can generate book orders: there are book/student ratio ordering criteria for items being added to library stock and tagging will allow informed decisions to be made by the Library’s team.

If you would prefer to submit your reading list or lecture/seminar handout to a dedicated team of Library staff to be processed, use the submission form or email the list to

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