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A reading list is an integral part of the student experience at University. The University Library's Reading Lists service allows the Library to work with academics in providing this information to the students in a consistent way, through their VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) where they will be accessing their teaching materials, and ensuring the Library can offer access to the required resources.

As an academic you have two options:

Option 1 – Input your own list on the online Reading Lists system

  • Access your reading list via your VLE.
  • Add resources from Library Search and other sources using appropriate tagging (i.e. essential, recommended or background reading) against each item.
  • Send your list to the library for checking and stock ordering.
  • Publish your list so your students can see it.
  • The self-directed training information attached to this FAQ and available from the Reading Lists Guide will explain each stage of creating and managing your lists.
  • We will only contact you if there are any issues with your list.

Option 2 – Send your list to the library for inputting

Alternatively, you may wish to produce your reading list in a Microsoft Word document, or module handbook, and submit this to our dedicated Library Reading Lists team to create your online version.

On your reading list please include:

  • A full list of items featuring relevant bibliographic details.
  • Items labelled using standard reading categories - essentialrecommended or background.
  • An indication of which citations (include chapter or page numbers) you would like scanned.
  • Any relevant notes, e.g. if you are using a specific edition (otherwise we’ll opt for the most recent publication) or, if you think items should be scanned or transferred to the Student Texts Collection.
  • The Library will contact you when your list is published or if there are any problems.

If you have any questions about Reading Lists, or an item you want to recommend, please contact or your Liaison Team for advice

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