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In the first instance, we would normally suggest having a look at the information about recovering a broken library here. However, from your description of the problem, it sounds as though you are unable to find the library file, so a recovery will be unsuccessful as it will have nothing to work from. Therefore, it will be necessary to see if your library has been successfully saved as a shadow file from your H drive.

Your H drive is backed up 4 times a day and you should find that a version of your library was saved as a shadow copy. Therefore, you will need to check to see if a backup had been created near to the time your computer crashed. Information about shadow copies can be found on the IT service website here. This would then allow you to save the folder to your H drive and recover your library.

Alternatively, if you were just wanting to recover the references from a word document you are working on, you could create a travelling library from your word document. This wouldn't generate any previously saved PDFs however and any other references, not inserted in your word document, could not be retrieved. 

To create a travelling library, please do the following:

  • In Word, on the EndNote tab, click on Export to EndNote > Export Travelling Library
  • You get the option to export to an existing library or to a new EndNote library. Choose New and click OK
  • Give your new library a name and save it in a suitable location within your personal filespace (H drive)
  • You will be notified on screen that the Export is complete and your new library will show your exported references



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