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Yes, the straight Harvard style in EndNote is distinct from the 'Harvard at Newcastle' style available in EndNote for you to use for your assignments. The 'Harvard at Newcastle' style is based on the Harvard style as used in Cite Them Right. Harvard essentially just means an author/date style, but there are various permutations of it. The most obvious difference is that the straight Harvard style in EndNote puts author names in capitals. The 'Harvard at Newcastle' style does not.

Login to a campus PC, or login to RAS (remote application service) on your own computer, and open EndNote. Go to the drop-down menu and click on Select Another Style. Type Harvard in the Quick Search box and hit the return key. You will see 'Harvard at Newcastle' appear as an option in the list. Select it and click on Choose. It will now appear as your chosen style in EndNote and as an option available to you in Word.

If you have started writing documents and inserting references from EndNote in the straight Harvard style you can reformat them in the 'Harvard at Newcastle' style by opening the documents and choosing 'Harvard at Newcastle' from the drop-down list of styles in the EndNote tab.

If you are using your own EndNote software which you have purchased for your PC or laptop (not the version on the university network), then you can click the Harvard at Newcastle Style to download. Then on your computer and you'll be able to select it in the normal way (in both Word and EndNote).

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