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Staff & students of Newcastle University can print to a great variety of printers across campus by using NU Print.

Connect to and log in through the University portal.

Stay on the first tab on the site.

Upload your file, by clicking 'Choose File' and clicking the green 'Next' button.

Your print job will load into a list below the file upload area.

From the drop down box select the desired printing allocation - for the Philip Robinson Library the location is named as Robinson Library under 'R'.

Advanced functions such as printing of selected pages and changing double sided settings can be accessed by checking the box labelled 'Advanced'.

When the correct area has been selected click the green 'Print' button to release your print job.

The printing should be processed immediately from the machine it is sent to.


Alternative methods of operation are possible, including the installation of printer drivers and by using a specifically addressed email to process the print job remotely, more information about these methods can be found on the NUIT webpage about NU Print. It is recommended for students to use the main web based method.