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Philip Robinson Library

Computers on each of the floors are automatically routed to the nearest printer. Thus, if you are printing an A4 black & white document from a PC on Level 4, it will be sent to the Level 4 printer. NB: the nearest printer to the PCs by the lockers on level 2 is in the computer cluster at the far end of level 2.

Marjorie Robinson Library

Computers on each of the floors are automatically routed to the nearest printer.  On the ground floor there is 1 black and white A4  printer, on the first floor there are 4 printers (2 A4 black and white , 1 A3 colour and 1 A4 colour printer) and on the second floor there are 3 printers  (2 A4 black and white  and 1 A4 colour printer).


Be aware,  that in both the Philip Robinson and the Marjorie Robinson though, that jobs might be sent to another printer: check which printer the document is being sent to before you hit 'print'.  If the nearest printer has failed, your document will be sent to the nearest working printer which may be on another level. Also, if your document includes colour and your nearest printer is black & white only, the document will be sent elsewhere.

Check that you have enough printer credit. Your job might not have printed if you have insufficient credit.

If you've checked all these and still haven't found your work, contact the NUIT Helpdesk staff on Level 2 or the helpline number 5999 during non-staffed hours. Tell them which floor you were working on and the name or number of the PC you were using. 


Walton Library

The Dene, Linn and Glen Clusters each have their own dedicated black & white printers.

All colour printing is delivered to the colour printer opposite the Walton Library Desk.

Black and white printing is delivered to the printer opposite the Library Desk for Walton Laptops and Library PCs not in the three library clusters.


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